About Michael

Michael was born and raised in Utah and has a deep love of the state and particularly of Davis County. He has long been active in the Davis County Community and hopes to continue to serve wherever possible. Please take a moment to read Michael’s biography to get to know him a little better.

Michael’s service in Davis County began when he was very young. As a student at Viewmont High School, Michael was selected to represent the student population of Davis School District as the Student Member of the Board of Education. In this capacity Michael was the voice of the entire student body and represented their concerns and ideas to the school board. He attended and actively participated in all board meetings and workshops to ensure that all of the decisions being made would support the student members.

Michael graduated from the University of Utah where he studied Political Science and Business. During his college years Michael worked in the Davis School District Foundation where he helped to plan events and activities for the Davis School District. He worked on author visits to local elementary, junior high and high Schools. As a member of the Davis Reads Committee, Michael worked with teachers and administrators to educate the community about the need to read with students and as a community. Particularly, Michael worked with city councils and mayors, helping them to understand the importance of the reading initiative and how they could support the program. He has been an advocate of education for many years and has constantly encouraged more supportive relationships between the schools and the community.

Upon graduation Michael began his career at the Davis Chamber of Commerce. He was the station manager for Davis Cable 17. In this capacity Michael operated the television station that aired community events and local sports. Michael was the Executive Producer of all of the high school football and basketball games aired on the station.During this time Michael spent two years on the board of the Davis County Gala, helping to raise money for charities and non-profit organizations in Davis County.

Currently Michael is the Executive Director of the Utah Hotel and Lodging Association. In this capacity he represents hotels from all across the state of Utah from St. George to Logan. He currently serves on the boards of the Utah Tourism Industry Coalition and the Salt Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Michael began working to support Republican candidates many years ago. In 2001 he worked on campaigns for Rep. Sheryl Allen and Rep. Ann Hardy. Since then he has worked to help candidates like Commissioner Louenda Downs, Rep. Paul Neuenschwander and Commissioner John Petroff. In 2005 Michael ran for mayor in Centerville.

In February of 2009 Michael was elected to be the Republican Senate Chair for District 22. As the District 22 Senate Chair he was responsible to help the Davis County Republicans replace Senator Greg Bell upon his appointment to the office of Lt. Governor.

Michael and his wife Emily Price Johnson own a home in Layton and are active in local church activities with the LDS Church.