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Authored April 7, 2010 by Michael Johnson

1.    Please tell us a little about yourself and why you have filed to run for the Davis School District Board of Education.

My name is Michael Johnson.  I live in Layton with my darling wife Emily, but grew up partly in Bountiful and partly in Centerville as well as in South Jordan.  I work in Kaysville for the Utah Hotel & Lodging Association where I am the Executive Director.  I graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Political Science with a Minor in Business.  I worked for some time for the Davis County Chamber of Commerce running the community cable station, Davis 17.

I am running for this position because I have a deep rooted love of education and the education process.  I am hopeful that my children will be able to attend the best public schools in the state and that those schools will be here in the Davis School District.  I believe that in order for that to happen that we need to be looking forward to what the demands on our students will be in ten or twenty or even forty years from now and determine what we can do now to be ready.

I have spent years learning how to ask questions that matter and helping to find solutions to difficult problems.  I see that currently some of those questions are not being asked and so some of the problems facing us in the future are not being solved.  I hope to use my time on the Board to ask tough questions about the future of our district and what we will need to do to guarantee that our students are prepared for the demands that will be placed on them as they graduate in a changing global economy.

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  1. Anna Lee Smith says:


    I don’t know if you remember me, but I lived with my parents in Centerville for a couple of years at the same time as you. You will likely remember my sisters Rachel and Jessica Lee better than me.

    Anyway, you asked a question on my high school orchestra’s facebook page about the support that the arts get at Layton High School. I am the orchestra director at LHS and CDJH. I feel like the support is getting better from administration and the community. The choir and performing arts have always been well supported, but the support for the instrumental music department has been up and down. The support from administration is definitely improving.

    When I took over the program 4 years ago, there were only 14 students in orchestra, now there are 41 students in the program. A lot of the teachers at the school did not even know that we had an orchestra. They have come along way, but the community support is kind of weird, especially when compared to schools like Davis High School. It’s been hard to get the community to understand that we have good programs here too. Anyway, that is my feed back.

    Who are you running against? Is it Marilyn Storey? My mother-in-law is Barbara Smith. I am sure you know she is on the school board in S.BOuntiful/NSL.


    Anna Lee Smith

  2. Michael Johnson says:


    Thank you so much for your comment and for your information about the orchestra program at Layton. I really love to hear from teachers and students and parents about how things really are in their schools.

    I am running against Kathie Dalton, Marian Storey is in the area just south of me. I really look forward to working with Barbara Smith, she was the School Board President when I was a student members and she was a great help to me.

    I hope you will continue to visit my site and encourage your coworkers and the parents of your students to do the same. I love the comments.



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