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Authored April 8, 2010 by Michael Johnson

2.    What kinds of experiences have you had with the schools in the Davis School District?

Not only did I attend junior high and high school in Davis schools but I was the Student Member of the School Board.  While serving on the board for one year I attended all of the meetings and workshops and learned a great deal about the school district.  I also chaired a student advisory committee which helped aid in making decisions that directly impacted students.

A few years later I worked for the Davis School Foundation and helped in the early stages of building the Davis Reads program and helping to raise money for teacher grants.  I also helped arrange author visits and served on a committee that oversaw the evaluation of the Senior Project.  As Station Manager at Davis 17 I also produced and directed many school programs including high school sports and spelling bees.  I also spent several months as a substitute teacher in Junior High and High School classrooms around the district.

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