Answers to DEA Questions: 3 of 11

Authored April 9, 2010 by Michael Johnson

3.    What, in your opinion, is the main mission of public education?

I think the main mission of public education is to ensure long term economic, cultural and political vitality of our society and its members.

Fundamentally public education was designed as public safety and an economic survival tool.  This is still part of the reason for public education today, but I believe that there is an additional responsibility that we must provide to our students as well as to our community.  That, in part, is to provide for them the tools and resources that will prepare them to compete for the best jobs in the most desirable fields of labor.

But it also means giving students more.  We cannot be satisfied just teaching the minimum required to ensure that today’s students don’t ruin the future.  We need to prepare them to overcome and the challenges the coming years will surely bring and to champion the innovation that will lead to a better society for generations to come.

What do you think the main mission of public education is?  Do you think that I am on the right track?

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  1. Caleb says:

    Thanks for your post, Michael. I think you’re on the right track – here’s my two bits:

    I feel the main mission of public education should be to teach our youth how to 1) Learn, and 2) Solve problems.

    If our youth know how to learn and how to solve problems, they will be successful in their employment, in their relationships, in their health – and on and on. Take a look at those in our county who struggle in these areas and you will discover they do not know how to learn or solve problems.

    Knowing how to learn and solve problems is a world away from knowing facts and figures. Only a rounded education beyond mathematics, science, and English can provide the tools for learning and problem solving.

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