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My Withdrawal From The Campaign

Authored May 3, 2010 by Michael Johnson

The reason for my decision to serve on the school board has been centered on my desire to do everything in my power to make sure that our schools are the very best in the world. A great source of that desire is my own family and the children that I look forward to raising in the Davis School District. I want to provide for them the very best possible future and the importance of a first class education cannot be overstated in that effort.

It is that same need to do what is best for my family that causes me at this time to withdraw.

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Answers to DEA Questions: 4 of 11 – Are schools adequately funded?

Authored April 14, 2010 by Michael Johnson

4.    Do you believe that public schools are adequately funded?  If you do not believe they are adequately funded, what changes should be made to provide appropriate financial support for quality public schools?
I do not think that teachers are adequately funded.  With our current system of funding it concerns me that they probably never will [...]

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Answers to DEA Questions: 3 of 11

Authored April 9, 2010 by Michael Johnson

We need to prepare todays students to overcome and the challenges that the coming years will surely bring and to champion the innovation that will lead to a better society for generations into the future.

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Answers to DEA Questions: 2 of 11

Authored April 8, 2010 by Michael Johnson

2.    What kinds of experiences have you had with the schools in the Davis School District?
Not only did I attend junior high and high school in Davis schools but I was the Student Member of the School Board.  While serving on the board for one year I attended all of the meetings and workshops and [...]

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Answers to DEA Questions: 1 of 11

Authored April 7, 2010 by Michael Johnson

I am running for this position because I have a deep rooted love of education and the education process. I am hopeful that my children will be able to attend the best public schools in the state and that those schools will be here in the Davis School District.

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What questions do you have?

Authored April 6, 2010 by Michael Johnson

Over the past few weeks as I have started to campaign I have started to receive more and more questions about what sets me apart from the other candidates or what makes me qualified to serve as a School Board Member. Just the other day I received the following questions from the Davis Education Association. Take a look at their questions and let me know what questions are on your mind concerning Davis School District.

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Welcome to my Campaign Blog

Authored March 2, 2010 by Michael Johnson

Thank you for taking a few minutes to check out my campaign blog.  The whole purpose of this tool is to increase my level of communication with the parents in the community.  I believe that no matter how experienced or how dedicated any member of the Board of Education is, they are best served by [...]

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