What questions do you have?

Authored April 6, 2010 by Michael Johnson

Over the past few weeks as I have started to campaign I have started to receive more and more questions about what sets me apart from the other candidates or what makes me qualified to serve as a School Board Member.  Just the other day I received the following questions from the Davis Education Association.

1.    Please tell us a little about yourself and why you have filed to run for the Davis School District Board of Education.

2.    What kinds of experiences have you had with the schools in the Davis School District?

3.    What, in your opinion, is the main mission of public education?

4.    Do you believe that public schools are adequately funded?  If you do not believe they are adequately funded, what changes should be made to provide appropriate financial support for quality public schools?

5.    What do you see as the three most critical need/issues facing the Davis School District in the next five years?  How would you begin to address these issues?

6.    What would you do to retain quality educators in the Davis District?

7.    What would you do to attract new teachers in the Davis District, considering the fact that the legislature this year significantly reduced the retirement benefit for future teachers?

8.    If another voucher or tuition tax credit bill is introduced in the legislature, would you support another such effort, or would you oppose it?  Why?

9.    In 2010 Sen. Margaret Dayton sponsored a bill (S.B. 77) that would prevent school districts from providing Association leave (paid substitutes) for teachers who serve during the school day on district committees such as negotiations.  It would also prevent the school district from paying 50% of the DEA President’s salary.  Would you favor the continuation of the current Association leave policy between the school district and the DEA, or would you oppose it?

10.  In your opinion, is there anything the Davis School Board and District Administration could do better?

11.  Is the Davis School District too large to be responsive to its patrons and the community?  Would you support splitting the school district?  Why or why not?

I will be posting my answers to these questions over the next few days, but I would like to know from each of you are these the questions on your mind?  Are there other questions that I should answer while I am at it?  Send me your questions and I will do my best to answer them.  Also feel free to send me your thoughts about the questions above, how would you answer them?


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